Welcome to ClearOnMoney!

Posted 26 Oct 2009 by Jim Fickett.

ClearOnMoney is about prudent investing for a satisfying life. Pragmatic topics of current interest will be covered: Has the housing market really bottomed? Is the dollar in danger and, if so, what should one do to protect oneself? Is it time to get in on the stock market rally, or has it already gone too far?

Evidence is the first thing that sets this site apart. It is common for important points to be glossed over in investment discussions. Here the caveats are explored, data is included, and links are provided to further background, related data, and other points of view.

Busy people do not always have time for all the details. Material is arranged so that one can immediately get to the heart of the matter, following links to further details only in the cases of most interest. For example, if a post takes more than a few seconds to read, the first paragraph will always give you the main subject and conclusion, so that you can quickly decide whether to read the rest.

Your ideas are always welcome on how the site can be more useful (Contact).