Brazil trade

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The main purpose of this page is to follow exports in two areas of particular importance to the economy of Brazil – ore and unprocessed food – as well as the trade balance in fossil fuels.


15 Nov 2012.

Exports of unprocessed food have been quite robust in the face of global economic slowdowns. This suggests global demand for Brazilian farm products is likely to continue to be strong.


15 Nov 2012.



  • Brazil tracks all trade data in the SISCOMEX system, maintained by the Ministerio do Desenvolvimento, Industria, e Comercio Exterior (MDIC).
  • The SISCOMEX data is made publicly available through the Aliceweb2 portal. Queries are based on the international Harmonized system (HS) classifying what is traded; the “chapter” codes run from 01 to 98. 01-15 cover unprocessed food, 26 covers “ores, slag and ash”, and 27 “mineral fuel” (fossil fuels). One must specify a country or set of countries; “general total” always gives zero, however “developed countries” and “developing countries” work. “Grand total” gives historical data (in a somewhat inconvenient form).
  • The central bank also has some data, but their focus is the current account, and the categories into which imports and exports are broken down differ.
  • OECD has some methodological information, as well as some sparse data.

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