Japan GDP

The main question is to what extent economic growth can help towards paying down debt.

(Manufacturing production is sometimes covered as a more rapidly available statistic than GDP.)


26 Oct 2014.

GDP growth over the last three years has been a cumulative 2.8%, i.e., right in line with long-term growth of about 1% per year. It is hard to see any positive impact from Abe's policies. Industrial production has been roughly flat, probably in part due to more expensive electricity. Japan is not going to grow its way out of excessive government debt.


26 Oct 2014. GDP data through Q2 2014.

And for manufacturing production, data through Aug 2014:


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Flat screen TVs share of market down from 43% in 2005 to 21% now.

Since 2001 Sony revenue approximately flat; Apple up from 0 to twice Sony.