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The main question is whether exports, a primary contributor to the economy, are healthy.


19 Apr 2011.

Japan's economy is closely linked to exports. Year-over-year growth in exports rebounded strongly after the crisis and was positive through February 2011, but went negative with the earthquake in March.


Data are from the Ministry of Finance, Trade Statistics of Japan website.

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Japanese dependence on US economy

8 Sep 2007. Economist p79.

“So unfair”

“The growth in Japan's net exports, as measured by the growth in its trade surplus, has accounted for more than a third of GDP growth since the start of the recovery in 2002. The rise in business investment that has accounted for two-fifths of the recovery is also heavily focused on the export sector and on companies with a high share of earnings from overseas. And even if America's direct impact on Japanese exports is more muffled than before, its indirect one is substantial thanks to “triangular” trade flows. Japan may be more dependent than ever on exports to Asia, particularly China, but Asia in turn counts on exports to the United States.”