Reference update schedule

The following is the master schedule for regular updates of the reference section.

Approx. date next update Topic Trigger event
22 Jan 2014 World trade NBEPA releases monthly report
1 Feb 2014 China PMI Gov & HSBC updates
10 Feb 2014 Japan government debt MoF quarterly newsletter
14 Feb 2014 Europe GDP Eurostat flash estimate
14 Feb 2014 Japan GDP Cabinet office release
28 Feb 2014 Brazil household credit BCB release
30 Feb 2014 FDIC quarterly banking profile FDIC release
6 Mar 2014 US credit impulse Flow of Funds release
21 Mar 2014 Household liabilities and FOR Fed quarterly release
May 2014 Brazil government debt IMF (via Fred) release
1 Jun 2014 US construction spending Census release
3 Jun 2014 US employment BLS Employment Situation
Jun 2014 State budgets Fiscal Survey of States released
Jun 2014 Natural gas reserves BP annual update
Jul 2014 Uranium supply Red Book
30 Aug 2014 US natural gas supply EIA releases monthly data
Aug 2014 Household income and spending BEA release
16 Oct 2014 Euro zone inflation Eurostat press release
Oct 2014 State and local government debt Census update
30 Nov 2014 Brazil GDP and inflation IBGE reports
26 Dec 2014 Brazil unemployment IBGE release
Jan 2015 Japan inflation Statistics Bureau release
14 Jan 2015 Home liquidations & delinquencies FHFA FPM quarterly report
14 Jan 2015 Mortgage Metrics Mortgage Metrics report comes out
15 Jan 2015 China inflation National Bureau of Statistics reports
15 Jan 2015 China industrial production Government report
28 Feb 2015 Japan employment Statistics Bureau release
Feb 2015 Japan demographics and savings Annual statistics updates
28 Feb 2015 Japan industrial production METI release
28 Feb 2015 US home inventory & prices Case-Shiller price index
30 Mar 2015 US GDP & GDI BEA release
30 Jun 2015 State and local budgets NIPA update
15 Jul 2015 US index of industrial production Fed makes monthly report
16 Nov 2015 US CPI BLS makes monthly CPI report
16 Nov 2015 Historical prices of precious metals BLS monthly CPI report